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ASPEN IDEAS: CLIMATE, March 6-9,2023

On April 11, 2022 Forces of Nature hosted the roll out event for the inaugural Aspen Ideas: Climate, taking place in Miami, Florida May 9-12, 2022. The conference is the first of its kind in the US, bringing together educational leaders such as founder and Director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz, government leaders such as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and industry leaders such as Amazon Head of Worldwide Sustainability Kara Hurst, as well as dozens of other speakers who are igniting a solutions-based climate conversation.  Thank you to President of Aspen Institute Dan Porterfield and his team for their remarkable work in advancing the climate conversation. Stay tuned-Aspen Ideas: Climate will be back March 6, 2023. Contact us if you have a great speaker in mind, or are media and want to cover. 


Mangrove Action Project (MAP)  invites youth to join the 21st annual mangrove art competition. It is an opportunity to learn about the vital role Mangroves play in the lives of coastal communities and marine life around the world.  Education about the importance of Mangrove and Coastal ecosystems is critical for youth, who are the next generation of decision makers.  The selected winning artworks will be published in MAP's 2023  calendar, which will help to raise awareness of mangrove forests while encouraging and listening to the voices of the next generation.  Winners will receive copies of the final calendar, and signed official certificates showing their great achievement in this year’s Mangrove Art Contest. As well, the art will be exhibited in MAP’s virtual gallery. Check out requirements here:


From June 24-26, 2022, Will Charouhis, Founder of We Are Forces of Nature, represented the United States at the UN Ocean Conference Youth and Innovation Forum. The ocean covers 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, is the planet's largest biosphere, and is home to up to 80 percent of all life in the world. It generates 50 percent of the oxygen we need, absorbs 25 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions as our planet's largest carbon sink.  it is our buffer against the impacts of climate change, and is facing an unprecedented threat. 


The Mangrove Photography Awards 2022 is open for entries.  Enter your mangrove images to help shine a light on our world and you can win Mangrove Photographer of the Year and entries will be showcased on World Mangrove Day, on July 26, 2022, as an online mangrove exhibition. Contact 


The 56th session of the subsidiary bodies geared up at the UN Headquarters from 6 to 16 June 2022, at the World Convention Center Bonn, Germany. Forces of Nature will be on the ground reporting on the important work done at these pre-sessional meetings before COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, November 8-20, 2022. If you're at COP27, get in touch on WhatsApp and join us from the streets of Sharm El Sheikh where we will be videoing a mini webcast on the action. 


If you're in South Florida, join our next mangrove restoration, listed here

Or scale it up from wherever you are by planting your own seedlings; some instructions here

ELIMINATE SINGLE-USE PLASTICS CAMPAIGN  -our goal is to eliminate plastic from every Mangrove forest in our city! 

Forces of Nature and the Roots & Shoots National Youth Leadership Council is joining with other organizations around the globe to eliminate single use plastics. Watch the video. Take the pledge. Put these ideas into practice at home. 


Our generation is the last generation who can save this planet. Join us in this call. 

-- Will Charouhis, Forces of Nature