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Youth Leading The Way

The climate crisis isn't going to wait for us to grow up. Every one of us can make a difference. We just need to get started. - Will Charouhis

Check out what's going on, starting with Aidan S. from Arlington, Virginia, and  share your action  here if you  don't mind if we post:

Picking it up 

My name is Aidan S. and I am a 2nd grader...I want to share a short story about myself with you. When our school goes to a park on wednesdays and fridays, me and my friends go to a creek at the park. We built a fort w/ a dam there on a friday, we came back on wednesday to see that the dam had been flooded with trash. We then started picking it up and hauling it into a trash can right beside the creek. When we came back the next wednesday, we found some ducks in the pool that the dam had created. It was a good thing that we picked up the trash before the ducks came there.


...Thousands of people out in the world could be helping nature and you are one of those people who help.



Aidy's Creek

At age 8, Aidan is already asking the tough questions, like "what would you change about the environment if you had the permission to change one thing only?" People often ask me if we have what it takes to halt climate change. With kids like Aidan already showing up, I'm betting on humanity.- Will Charouhis

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