Our principles are straightforward: we aim to halt climate change. We call on our leaders to enact just policies to protect our future, but we acknowledge it will be up to our generation to implement those policies. The action needs to start right now-and continue. We need everyone and are willing to engage in open conversation to see if we can find a place to get started. We think we're persuasive so know our aim is to get everyone united behind the science. But we do want to hear what you have to say. 

Technological advances, particularly the discovery and use of fossil fuels, have contributed to climate change - but they have also allowed humanity to become aware of our impact on the planet and develop techniques to address global warming. We are forward thinkers that understand the solutions are here, and the solutions will make our lives better. #Zero2030.

We Are Forces of Nature is proud to be part of Dr. Goodall's organization Roots & Shoots and work to affect positive change in our communities, and across the globe. We are also proud to be accredited by the United Nations Environment Programme, and the United Nations Conference of the Parties, serving as the youngest youth-led civil society delegation from the Americas. We wholly abide by all United Nations policies and procedures and do not discriminate on any grounds

This is not only our last best change to save our planet -- it's our only chance. Follow us at COP26 and help amplify the call to action by posting on your social platform.

Educate. Amplify. Include. Act. Now. Simple, right? So let's get busy. 

                                                                       Will Charouhis, Founder, Forces of Nature

                                                                       Lily Paden, Co-Founder, Forces of Nature

                                                                      Alexandra Blitch, President, Forces of Nature and Head of projects, Central America

                                                                      Delia Deliru, Head of projects, Haiti and the Dominican Republic

                                                                      Noa Abboud, Head of projects, Puerto Rico