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Our Impact 


Come out to any of our restorations in South Florida, or start your own plantings or cleanups with easy instructions from our initial roll out project here. Educate. Collaborate. Amplify. Innovate. We've got this. 

Forces of Nature's Climate Action Contribution as part of America is All In

Forces of Nature is the youngest organization joining businesses and cities and universities across the country to take action to halt climate change as a part of America Is All In. Check out our commitments here. We are zealous about eliminating emissions, stopping deforestation, and expanding our mangrove forests and reefs to halt sea level rise, foster marine biodiversity, and absorb carbon. We are grateful everyday to the guys on the ground at America Is All In, who had our backs before we knew we needed it, and who paved the way for the leadership America is showing now in taking climate action. 


We, the youth, can be a force of nature to call our business community and elected officials to take concrete action to stop climate change. SIGN the FLORIDA CLIMATE PLEDGE!

These signatures will be delivered to Governor DeSantis and our State and Federal Senators. 

Roots & Shoots is the youth program of the Jane Goodall Institute, created to empower young people to create positive change in their communities. This year, Forces of Nature has taken on a dual goal: get your school, your community, and your city to ban single-use plastics. And get outdoors to pick up plastic trash. We're restoring Florida's mangroves, one root at a time, by cleaning up the plastics that prohibit them from growing. With more than 15 million high school students in America, if we each forgo the use of one single-use drink a day, and pick up one piece of plastic trash a day, we can save our planet from over 200 million pieces of plastic a year! So the 1 million mark is a no-brainer. If you're in South Florida, join us at one of our mangrove clean ups  restoring one of nature's best solutions to halt the impacts of climate change.  Check out the Mangrove Science. Sign up for the plastics challenge. And help us scale it up. 

COVID-19 has taught us that when humanity unites, we can prevail. Unite behind the science. And stay safe. Because there is no Planet B.  We all just have to do something.

                                                  – Alexandra Blitch, Head of Disaster Relief Projects

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