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Our Mission

There is no task more urgent than taking action to halt climate change. As young people, we recognize the impact that the climate crisis will have on our generation and those to come. Together, we call for the end of the use of fossil fuels by 2030 and urge everyone to take bold action in addressing this existential threat. 

Solutions are here. Surprisingly, many solutions are profitable, securing the support of entrepreneurs and investors. And, the solutions will make our lives better. 

From accessible renewable energy sources like solar and wind, to sustainable agriculture practices, to biomanufacturing and biobased consumer products, taking action to combat climate change has never been easier. By focusing on the solutions, we seek to inspire hope and optimism for a better future. 

We are the last generation who can halt climate change.

We can, and we will. It's time.

- Will Charouhis, Founder, We Are Forces of Nature

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