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Past Events

United Nations Stockholm+50

Will Charouhis, Founder of Forces of Nature, amplified the youth voice on World Environment Day at the United Nations Stockholm-50 conference. 

Dr. Jane Goodall Youth Chat 

Forces of Nature spoke with Dr. Jane Goodall 

at COP26 on youth eco-anxiety, the conference itself,

and their hope's for the future. Dr. Goodall told us:

"My hope is the commitment of young people

when they're empowered to take action." Dr. Goodall

is the COP26 honoree for her life's work in environmentalism.


COP26 Webcasts Live from the Streets of Glasgow 

Panel with Mayors of Miami on Climate Resilience

Miami is the fastest growing city in America right now, facing the

 the worst impacts of climate change, and putting into place the

most advanced adaptation and mitigation measures in the country. 

Global Youth Climate Strikes

Forces of Nature helped lead Global Youth Climate Strikes in Miami

NYC, Madrid, and Glasgow.  We credit our peers with moving the

climate conversation to the front page. Over 11 million youth  have

participated in climate strikes, and the numbers are growing every

day. Join up here. 


ECOSOC Youth Forum

Founders of Forces of Nature, Will Charouhis and Lily Paden, met with the Executive Secretary of the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Patricia Espinosa, to share their generation’s concerns. In Executive Secretary Espinosa's address to the youth at The Institute of Peace, she stated: “Young people must be involved in the decision-making.” She denounced the fact that: “Youth perspectives are still viewed by some as something nice to have, rather than integral to the discussion.” 

United Nations World Climate Conference of the Parties COP26 Glasgow, Scotland

United Nations World Climate Conference of the Parties COP25 Madrid, Spain 

Forces of Nature Hosts Heinrich-Böll Stiftung Foundation

A collaboration of young voices of Miami and Germany on the Climate Crisis 

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