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Will Charouhis, founder,

Lily Paden, co-founder,



Youth Invitee Presents "A Million Mangroves" at Stockholm+50 

Charouhis Represents GenX @ Stockholm+50 

Miami Teen Speaks at United Nations General Assembly SDG Summit

USA Teen at COP28

Forces of Nature Panel at COP26 With Dr. Jane Goodall

Will Charouhis and Dr. Jackson Join the Climate Fight in Glasgow

Coalition Awarded the 2023 UN Human Rights Prize

Junior Addresses UN and Earns Congressional Award

Teen Activist Plants Mangroves of Combat Climate Change

A Miami Teen Attends COP26 in Glasgow and Comes Away with Hope for the Planet

Local Youth Chosen to be Part of Dr. Goodall's Youth Leadership Team to Save the World

Forces of Nature Webcast at COP26 in Glasgow

Sophmore and Faculty Attend COP26 in Glasgow

Youth Earth Day Panel With Captain Planet

Youth Activist at this Year's COP25 in Madrid

Charouhis Panels with Dr. Goodall at UN in NYC:

Mangroves as "Trees for Life"

Youth Heros: Why and How Forces of Nature is Helping to Change Our World

Environmental Lessons Learned From the Pandemic

At 16, Environmentalist Already Taking Action On A Global Stage 


Charouhis Hosts Heinrich Böll Cohort:

Sharing Miami's Impact and Solutions on the Frontline of Climate Change

Founder of Forces of Nature Heads to United Nations

United Nations Environment Program Accredits Forces of Nature:

Youngest Youth Organization Invited to the Decision-Making Table

Forces of Nature Speaks with Miami Mayors on the Future of Miami

Climate Emergency in Miami: Large-scale Protest March Planned During Art Basel Fair

Young Americans Are Determined to Halt the Damage Caused by Warming Climate

13-Year Old Miamian Rallies with Greta Thunberg at Global Strike at COP25

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