Rock The Vote

We are not looking to the right or the left. We are looking forward. --Will Charouhis, Founder of Forces of Nature

For Generation Z, many of our elected officials have been our representatives all of our lives, and the issue of climate change has existed since before we were born. We are out of time. The science has made clear the time for deliberation has past. The founders of Forces of Nature have met with Senator Cory Booker, Former Congresswoman Gwen Graham, Former Congressman Patrick Murphy, Former Mayor of Miami Beach Phillip Levine,  Former Congressman David Jolly, Senator Tom Cotton, Former Secretary of State John Kerry, Former Mayor Micheal Bloomberg, Former Vice President Al Gore -- all supporters of the youth-led climate movement, and the call to action against climate change. But we are not stopping there. We aim to meet with every elected official who is willing to engage in conversation, both those who stand with us, and particularly those whose interests have historically stood in opposition to the change needed. America itself was founded on respecting different points of view.  Only by talking to those who aren’t on board yet can we reclaim our democracy. 

Meet with your elected officials. Ask them to get on board to support the end to fossil fuels. And it they won’t, vote them out of office.

Elect leaders who will protect the health and well-being of all people. 


This is not a partisan debate; it is a human one. –Leonardo DiCaprio

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Together, we are an unstoppable youth movement calling for immediate action to stop climate change. One by the people. Of the people. For the planet. We all just have to do something. Because there is no Planet B. --Founder, Will Charouhis 


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